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Fruita Monument High School senior Kaden Jolley
GPA: 4.1

Favorite book and its author:
“Mistborn” by Brandon Sanderson

Favorite TV show:
“How I Met Your Mother”

Favorite band or musician:
The old Taylor Swift but not really the country Taylor Swift.

After-school activities:
Football, lacrosse, snowboarding, wake surfing, mountain biking or working out.

Tyler and Jeena Jolley

Favorite teacher and why:
Mrs. Sexe. She has never been irritable or mean ever in her teaching career and she’s super knowledgeable.

Personal hero and why:
Stan Lee. The man created an empire of amazing stories and timeless heroes that anyone can enjoy. R.I.P to the GOAT.

Preferred college:
Utah State

Preferred career:

Highlight of your high school experience:
Junior year homecoming football game. It was the best two and a half minutes of football I’ve ever played.

Q: What accomplishment are you the most proud of?
A: Building the to-scale millennium falcon LEGO set.

Q: If you were the principal of your high school for a week, what would you do or change?
A: I would change the start time for all seniors for one week so they don’t have to wake up to an alarm.  They can just show up to school when they wake up well rested.

Q: If you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, who would you choose and why?
A: Chris Farley for two reasons: he was a hilarious comedian and I would like to see if I could eat more than him.

Q: If you could live anywhere or do anything for one year, what would you do and why?
A: Shadow a director that I admire, such as Steven Spielberg, and just see how things work in the world of film.

Q: What advice would you give to yourself as a freshman?
A: Hang in there, you’ll thin out a little eventually

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